Of Montreal Obsidian Currents Lyrics

Obsidian Currents by Of Montreal

You like to think that you can live beyond good and evil
Amputated from humanity
On some lifelong intellectual retreat
Everything is conceptual and
All is rhetorical
You can feel so powerful
When you're forced to face the physical world
You scurry like an insect

There is a virus in your tenets
Don't be naive you know it's true
And if you don't protect yourself
Obsidian currents, obsidian currents
Will devour you
Ah oooh, ah oooh

You have committed yourself
Wholly to the dominion of semantics and ideas
All things cerebral and abstract
With no patience for impractical emotions
Burning everyone who ever tried to get close to you
But you're so lizardlike you don't feel any passion
For anyone except yourself


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