Flume Fantastic Lyrics

Fantastic by Flume

(feat. Dave of Glass Animals)

[Verse 1: Dave Glass Animals]
Life is wrapped up in plastics, plastics
Fuckin' fantastic
Television show, a sitcom classic
Fuzzy screen static
Bad milk got my Raisin Bran tasting bad
Getting fibre-tastic
Say you'll go, say you're someone imagined
Life's lookin' tragic

[Verse 2: Dave Glass Animals]
Think Finn is the raddest; Jake is past it
Little yellow bastard
Mum again, 'nother boyfriend, number ten
What a romantic
Take a bath, it's relaxing, hands crack
Heart is full on acid
Jenny bitchin' 'bout her ex again, making me

[Verse 3: Dave Glass Animals]
Need a hit, need to sip, need to get away
Warmth fast be escaping me, escaping me
Life in the attic
Once stoned, I'm down the hole again, hole again
It's automatic
Mama says I should get a date, lose weight
Fuckin' fantastic

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