Yung Badnewz Summer Holidays Lyrics

Summer Holidays by Yung BadNewz

It's Y.B.N This is the
Summer Holidays I'm talking
It's just a Freestyle

I'm on my way fighting for my
Success This days I don't
Understand what going on
About me but I'm on my way
I've been struggling so long
No time to Play no tyme to risk
But I'm feeling the track on my
Blood my nigga you don't know
This is the hanmer/Summer
Holidays i'm talking about don't
Know plz dont be silly
They money that we are using I
Used to be like never before this
The world i'm talking about this
The Kid Beatz i'm talking about
You don't understand where i'm
Coming from this my way this is
My way i'm finally on the
Record baba you don't know my
Nigga u dont know u killing the
Brema /Sho/
Everytime i'm fighting for my
Success but things dont really
Change I'm standing in the wind
Waving to all my bitches what I
Do all the time winning all the
Time nigga u dont respect me
But i'm on a hustle
Niggaz u dont really get a
Chance I'm full of surprises
That why i've been struggling so
Balling so much im fighting for
My success working all over
And all over
My nigga u don't understand
My nigga u dont understand

It's just a Freestyle

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