Travis Scott Mamacita Lyrics

Mamacita by Travis Scott

[Intro: Travis Scott]
Mamacita, cita, cita
Mamacita, cita, cita

[Verse 1: Travis Scott]
This the last days to the rodeo, last night
Had me down in the back, comatose, don't think
Sun shades and a pill gon' help
Once I'm gone, can't tame myself
Mamacita, cita, cita
You know I really need yah, need yah, need yah, right now
She get freaky when the... light's down
The sh_t's crack, no way n_ggas could pipe down
With the head first, got her straight out of the night gown
Nothin' like the light-skinned mamacitas in H-Town
They got them pornstar big booties
Let me film it, then shoot it
3-D money, no illusion
Depending if I'm feelin' bougie
Might hit your line b_tch

[Pre-Hook: Rich Homie Quan]
Cut my phone off, b_tch got it vibratin' on me like a beeper
Boy I'm in Colorado, smokin' California reefer
Hey, the b_tch so bad, call her ticket cause I really wanna meet her
And I ain't kin to Wayne but that's my mamacita

[Hook: Rich Homie Quan (Travis Scott)]
Mamacita, mama, mamacita (Mamacita, cita, cita)
That's my mama, mamacita, that's my mama, mamacita
That's my mama, mamacita, that's my mama, mamacita (Mamacita, cita, cita)
That's my mama, mamacita, that's my mama, mamacita

[Verse 2: Young Thug]
Mothaf_ck a girl
I love her, I give her the world
Aye f_ck her, I wanna f_ck her mother
Just might give her my little girl
No, I won't let go
Row that boat
She look the best with her fro
Natural nat-nat on go
Damn, Quan, turn on the stove
Whip it 'til I have a stroke
I do not f_ck with America
I get it straight off the boat
Oh damn
The kush it never make me choke
Slow down
I'm speedin' and I got a trunk full of wham
25 thousand on an old school Cam
Incest me, the b_tches wanna molest me
Damn they'll sex me, she a lesbi
She want chicken like sesame
And she tryin' to adjust me, test me
Give her hotel keys like Cassidy



[Verse 3: Rich Homie Quan]
That's my bad little college ho
That I got on the east skirts of Decatur
Best believe that she cover Rich Homie Quan like a blazer
I smoke a lot of weed, keep my music turned up, f_ck the neighbors
I f_ck a n_gga b_tch and turn her like a table
Aye, I'm still practicin' so you know I'm gettin' greater
Aye, still wearin' long socks and shorts like Fabo
He was hatin' at first, now he tryna make the payroll
Got a stupid b_tch who do whatever I say so
Money on my head like a Jesus piece
Blunt, now I'm higher than Khalifa be
Bad b_tch lookin' like a Philippine
Ohh, you're killin' me
Ohh, remember me
You, finna be
Deceased if you keep callin'
Therefore I



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