Jasmine V One Night Lyrics

One Night by Jasmine V

Just stay with me one night
Just one night[Problem - Verse]Maybe I'm the one to make your day
I'm the one to make your bed
Baby will you never know it
When you're running round here and you never know it
I know you doubt your bread
But don't you know I'm on your head
Baby look at me
Thanking every me and I'm all you need
I know you got a bank road
Every day's a pay day
And everything is paid for
I just really wanna see if you can chill and lay low
California, sack and sipping while we eating mangos
Baby I'm tired, wasting my time
With the party hands up, you just give me high-fives
I really want your number but I don't really know whyJust stay with me one night
Just one night[Jeremih - Verse]

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