Privaledge Drama Holla At Me Lyrics

Drama, Holla At Me by Privaledge

And I know you worry about the hating of a nigga
...shut of the 'now our days everybody wanna sit and '
Every boy got a movie and he gonna make it
I won't believe these niggas
Cuz I've been really out there seeing this niggas
They talking,..if they see this niggas
'don't believe what's on tv nigg
..ain't enough for the '
..and I'm putting what all'
How else gonna be, hold on,let me wait, hold on let me wait, hold on let me wait, hold on let me wait
I don't wait for too long, got damn'
Whole on my face 'but I swear man don't make me
Need a risk baby '
Put it down on a table like codeine
And I'mma sing that shit '
If it's right cuz I could'feeling nigga in the heart
'that's the shit I don't like
Better came to me 'in the city better '
Gotta nigga hating'.net year disappear like a '
And I ain't '
But I'mma make sure that anybody feel me
But don't make me stronger, you gonna kill me
'if you nigga try to kill me
I ain't give a shit 'wait'
But I got some'else fuck around
Poop shit, when I poop shit
You girl give a dick to suck and her suck it
At the LA'party to the '
Take it two for the '
I'mma good fit, you're a wrong fit.
My girl got 'cuz the lipstick
...get this shit ...
I need the'it's privilege'
..shut up the 'I lay this '

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Privaledge Drama Holla At Me Video Lyrics