The Wiggles Caveland Lyrics

Caveland by The Wiggles

Anthony Hey Wake Up Jeff! Look There is a brontosauras.
Jeff Don't You Mean Brontosnoresars.
Anthony ohh
Greg An a Teradactlal Hey everyone we must be in
Everyone Caveland!
Greg Let's take a trip to another time when dinsuars are every where uhhuh oh Greg ya here in caveland. Take a ride on a dinosaur just be careful when you Greg hear him roar oh ya uhhuh here in caveland. We have gone back to Prehistoric times.
Everyone Caveland a caveland
Greg There are no cars or trains but we will get by. There is no pillows for Greg your head. Make your bed with some leaves. Uhhuh oh ya here in caeland Greg were in caveland in caveland in caveland that's were we are oh ya uhhuh Greg here in cavland were in caveland!

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