Issue No 174 Latin American Ficciones Lyrics

Latin American Ficciones by Issue No. 174

A bad dream is so good
Drinking at the Boction-Y
You're waiting on the complication
I feel it on the avenue
Just like a burn
You're waiting on the joke
You've got a hiccup in your arm
You're waiting on the bull cushions
You look good at the moon, on the street
And then you fall

You're waiting on the Friday night
You feel that whisper of dread
Oh, gentle rub, incunabulum
You come around, you never pented to the loud
Waiting on the concert wing set
Hanging on the line
You look just like a vampire
You're so... you're lookin' like a fire
How'd you get so reckless baby?
It's all so better, beauty in the sunshine
Haaaa, baby
That dream is a curse
It's just a curse
Because... get shivers, white mama
You prolly had it
See your carnation, it makes me wanna
Haaaaa, play her
You kid around, enough layer before
You're smoking by the possey
You feel a lot honest

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