Wreckchase Shizz Trust Lyrics

Trust by WreckChase Shizz

Trust, Dont go bust that trap its a ste up
Trust, dont go fuck that bitch its a set up
Trust, dont go round that block you get set up
Trust, stay strapped in these streets or get set up
Trust, dont trust them nope, tust, dont trust them nope
Trust dont trust em nope,dont go fuck that bitch its a set up stay stapped in these streets or get set up
Im on a mission wit ambition
Im talkin kitchen wipin pigons wit ma
Niggaz u know we sippin
I just need a cuple million cuz ma cuzin sitten
N these niggaz want me booked u kno that they snitchen RATZ!!!!
Im trynna live it up im talkin money & above
Clutchin on ma gat they
Trynna lay ma like a rug
Ma team right behind me an we puffn on that bud
RATZ thay catchen slugs
HATERZ just wanna HATE
BITCHES just wanna FUCK
ALOT of niggaz is Fake
SO i just get theis CAKE

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