Ocean Architecture Animus Part I Lyrics

Animus Part I by Ocean Architecture

I never had a lust for answers
Until my existence became the question
Man's greatest machine was twisted in the clouds
And greeted angry waters

Universal balance! (life, born from water)
Liquid wrath! (the ocean took her away)
Have you ever felt this? (consumed by confusion)
Embracing abstraction! (emotional seclusion)

Questions (collapsing my mind)
Answers (hidden inside)

Beauty deprived, breaks my design
Shattered inside, leaving the pieces behind
Doubt is eclipsing the light! Unravel the fabric, and try to become
Bursting with reason, digging to free myself.

Inception, Abstraction, Obsession, for reason
Growing toward the deepest depths, self invasion
Moments of clarity, gleam like diamonds
Swim to reality, swim to her, balance the equation

The sun is weeping today, his tears are flooding the moon
He knows I am falling to fate, to sink surrounded by blue

Questions, Answers!

Grains of sand, birthing the end, the end of the world
This fake world, a projection, now exit to the cure
Waves crash like crashing fists, curling, raging, hissing
I am programmed for this moment, submit, succumb, sink

Fate lights the water
New time, new sound
The moon turns in his sleep
For fear he would be drowned

This wasteland called reality
Will now show it's real face
Take off the mask, wash off the paint,
You're just a ride, a circus act, a foolish rat race

Divine, Align, The universe is telling me:
"Entwine, Supine, Let me show you to the surface"
To the surface...

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