1st I Dont Care What You Sayin Lyrics

I Don't Care What You Sayin by 1st

Feat. Lil Won, Gent Eastwood, And Gizzle Badazz

I don't care what you sayin (unh)
What you say is you playin (unh)
I'm about to go saiyin (yaa)
Watch yo back I'm just sayin (unh)
Nigga what you say
Is you playin nigga
Nigga what you say
Is you playin nigga
Nigga what you say
Is you playin nigga
Nigga what you say
Is you playin nigga

[Supreme of 1st - Verse 1]
Pull up to the scene and niggas talkin
I guess I'll dead they conversation like a coffin
Got me feeling like a nigga kenny lofton
I hit it out the park whatever niggas tossin
You hear that
Me either
Since my team is getting hotter that a fever
First you showed up talking like you bout to show us
Actin like you cold until I flashed you with the heater
See I lead and all you niggas follow
If you niggas talk then all you niggas
I ain't got the time I'll leave that to mavado
You get your chance but that I'll be tomorrow
So see that day will never come
Now be careful what you pumping out ya lungs
I'm right here I aint never gonna run
You right there you can never have none


[Lil Won - Verse 2]
First off what cha talkn about bitch
Kuz I kno good n well it ain't bout shit
Always bumpin n bumpin
Saying nothing is sumthin
But u need to stfu klose ya mouth trick
I really don't kare doe
Kuz I say smokin gas no valero
Ha head on point lika arrow
I got ha muthafuckn ass out the ghetto
On da real I'm like fuck y'all
9000 til da grave ion trust y'all
Hoes dhat be klaiming that u want a man but really talkn nonsense just getcha fuckin point akross dumb broad
What was u saying nigga
On GOD u better b playin nigga
Pull out that thang thang pause bang bang no game I'm not playin witcha

[JClay of 1st - Verse 3]
They get buck
And I clench up
I get crunk
And they flinch up
They get touched
And they tense up
Double crutch
How they end up
Just be happy, you livin nigga
They gone say, how you livin nigga
This yo place, how you livin nigga
Wake up dazed, you reliving nigga
Unconsciousness, might be concussions
Consequences, repercussions
This beat down, was like three percussions
(Cot Damn)
He couldn't keep from cussing
I got a right left right left hook
Side kick high kick huu
My chick, stop it, look
He bleeding, he dead, his head, I'm scared, don't look, it's ok baby


[Gent Eastwood - Verse 4]
Be on ya way nigga no time to play is ya really thinking they feeling you I got mo soul in my tennis shoe got mo hoes that I'm talking too that's telling me you pussy too. I told them same hoes I don't care bout that bull shit they talking bout. We here now can't wait for later can't take a break can't stop for haters can't waste my t...
Ime and energy rather smoke upon this ganja tree. Gent Eastwood so hood so throwed I done got a little but still I need a little mo so.

[Gizzle Badazz - Verse 5]
A bitch get broke down smoked like dro
I'll Beat a bitch up to da ceilin from da floor
I'm not friendly
Nor scary
Dats some real shit dat yo ass need to kno
I'll run up on a hoe put da knife to her thorat
Fuck around hang dat bitch wit real thick rope
Fuck around and bang dat bitch wit muthafuckin 4
Fuck around and chain dat bitch to da muthafukin floor
U talkin bout u gon do dis
U talkin bout u gon do dat
Fuck bitch uoeno
I ride wit da pistol all on my lap
It's cocked and I'm ready
Perfect aim I hol dat bitch steady
Talk da game
Just show me wut da fuck
U was gotta tell me


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