Craig Cardiff February Lyrics

February by Craig Cardiff

They made you wait, so lonely
You felt like the waiting wore you out
And the wearing down
You felt like you were playing the whole part again

They made arrangements for flowers and candles
Told you to stop asking, saying why do you keep on saying again

And I'm standing on top of you
Wondering how, just which way it goes
And wondering just how this is you and me
Establishing gravity, pushing through and pushing
Pushing through February again

And the car was left halfway between the accident and out of town
You didn't mention it as you walked through the door
Why all the anger, why all the telling
This can't happen anymore

And I'm standing on top of us and wondering how
To make the break less apparent
Even though it is, and it's hospitals inside
And you make it up as you go
There's no wondering about it anymore
Because it always turns out the same
And it's you and me establishing gravity
And pushing through a different sort of February

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