Howard Lawrence Suicide Mission Lyrics

Suicide Mission by Howard Lawrence

The biggest fools don't even know they're cursed
Like the mother on smack who drained her pool
While her kids barreled down the slide head first

He busted down the penthouse door
Then backed his threats with a baseball bat
So they bounced his ass off the eighteenth floor
And we watched him crash on his big hard hat

It makes no sense the way we treat ourselves
We must be on a suicide mission
The fans won't cheer until we kill ourselves
Maybe they're behind this suicide mission

We could have more fun
But the right's afraid of too much sex
They put more faith in tanks and guns
And kiss the crosses around their necks

Across the border in a crowded trunk
They scampered away in the desert sun
The patrol hated quotas but was too damn drunk
So he fired at random till the job was done

Polls may change the way we see ourselves
We lie about our suicide mission
It takes real heart to wanna kill ourselves
And finalize this suicide mission

All across the globe
People think TV makes sense
They hang around in costumes like comic superheroes
The unchecked imbalances have grown so immense
How do you fix what we broke?
We really choked!

When the beach is gone
And the lions are all extinct
We can launch our private jets at dawn
And get the fleet of SUVs in sync

After earth's a distant memory
Gonna start all over in outer space
Whatever's out there better pack their things
Coz they'll never be ready for the human race

Despite tight rules we can't protect ourselves
That's why we're on this suicide mission
But it's never too late to reinvent ourselves
So let's abort this suicide mission

What did Jesus say?

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