Issues King Of Amarillo Lyrics

King Of Amarillo by Issues

Verse 1
Wrath to the industry!
Yeah, get over yourself.
They can see right through you
We are the future like no one ever knew you
Got the swag of a coward
And the heart of a nemisis
If you don't likethese lyrics, then go listen to genesis
Sega, we ain't playing games
Since you took demise, we'll take the fame

Verse 2
And I can't wait to say whatever
And I can't wait to shed some light
On every little thing you've broken
And get on with my life
And I can't wait to be whoever
And I can't wait to speak my mind
On every little thing you've broken
And get on with my life

Verse 3
I heard from your friends
You've been stricken with fear
Desperate for press like your pathetic career
Can't get out of dept
Since your sales took a dive
You can find out the hard way
Cowards never thrive
If you'd cut records like cocaine
You could still have a f*cking name
Yeah, I took it too far and I know the truth hurts
But if youre scared b*tch, go to church

Verse 2

Verse 4
if they let you into heaven then I'd rather go to h*ll
You think you're buying your way to they'll with all that
B*llsh*t that you sell
God ds not naive like the fans that you deceive
Even the Devil was an angel
What the f*ck did he achieve
Wrath to the industry
And everything it used to be

Verse 2

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