James Whild Lea Universe Lyrics

Universe by James Whild Lea

I was coming home, I was all alone
In a place so cold I don't feel
I was there for years, so afraid of fears
I was lost and I was the curse
Oh won't you be my universe, oh yeah

I can hear the sound, I can hear it loud
Of the beat before time was dawn
Through the fire and rain I can feel no pain
'Cause you are the last like the first
Oh won't you be my universe

How much have I travelled
How much have I seen
Was this reality
Or just a broken dream ...
Oh-ohh-ohhh-ohhhh ...

Through the raging storm
Won't you keep me warm
I'm the hunger, I am the thirst
Oh won't you be my ... universe ...
Oh-ooh, la-de-da-de-da ... oh-ooh, la-de-da-de-da ...

Words & Music by James Whild Lea
Published 1991 by Jim Lea Music Limited
Produced & Arranged by James Whild Lea for Jim Jam Records

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