Game Kill Everything Lyrics

Kill Everything by Game

Every fucking thing that crawls, is going to pay

[Verse 1: Game]
Operation kill everything, kill everything
Married to myself, fuck a wedding ring
Tried that shit twice, gave that girl everything
She a good woman, she got good goals
Love her to death but can't be in that fishbowl
Niggas gotta live and what the fuck does it matter if I take care of my kids
I got three of them little niggas
And every time they smile I see me in them little niggas
I get my heart I get my soul and nobody fucking with me till Harlem 20 years old
And that day I'm gon' retire, look back at my career
Like I started from the bottom, Now I'm mofuckin' here
Look back at my career like I started-
Started to do something, shit I've been working out for two summers
In the gym I pile on cruel summer
When everybody dope in your clique you do numbers
But I ain't got no clique
Still got the same cars, and broads sucking my dick
Still fuck the same stars that (uh) up in my six
Still finding old panties and broads up in my whip
This bitch got my dick hard as Roc Nation
That's like Cole and Hov at a show keeping fans waiting
And you know they ain't go do that
Girl go and do that
Guess it's time to turn up
I got a whole lot of marijuana to burn up
And I ain't mean to make you stop
But it ain't a party without aquahydrate and Ciroc so

[Recording: Diddy]
Hey yo, what up Game
What's up, it's your boy Diddy man
I'm just gettin' back from Vegas
Yeah man, party was off the chain
Well, I'm back in sunny California
And it never rains in southern california
Yeah yeah all that man
So I decided to throw this white party man
So I'm up at the mansion right now
I just emptied out the pool, filled it up with aquahydrate
So you know when the chick is in the pool, they correctly balanced
And also, we got the Ciroc fountains overflowin'
Blue dot, red dot, white dot
Man I want you to come and bring the whole crew
Bring that west coast love, the all white party man
And we goin' leave colors at home, I know you wanna wear all red man
But you gotta wear all white to this one man
And tell Snoop that too, he gotta wear all white to this one man
I see ya'll at the white party at the mansion man
Hey yo, let's get it
Hey yo, Tuck for real, wear all white

[Verse 2: Game]
I guess we going to Diddy's
It ain't a party without the king of the fucking city
Handsome ass nigga these bitches are fucking with me
Woke up in that new Bugatti these pigs ain't fuckin' with me
I'm like Dr. J with his from
Something like [?] with the blow
Pumping [?] I got it just so you know
[?] zipping up all this dough
Summer nights we at toxic with all these hoes
Then we back at the mansion take off them clothes
I let my niggas hit it first I'm in and out
Just as fast as niggas spit a verse then they out
Then I'm back to the booth
Rollin' up sipping something 80 proof
And I dont chase the liquor or these hoes
Heard Jordan got some new shit out, [?] order those
Just bought me a ghost like where the Rolls
[?] club with all my bros
Can't get none of my bitches to get these hoes
Plus I sit back and still get paid like Derrick Rose

[Outro: Game]
Stack, we done started somethin
Stack, we done started somethin
Stack, we done started somethin
Ready to die, illmatic on a call of summer
Wanna check that Louie duffle? Go buy a car or something
We done started something
Stack, we done started somethin
Ready to die, Illmatic on a call of summer
Kill everything

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