Ball Greezy Since U Been Away Lyrics

Since U Been Away by Ball Greezy

Ball greezy
Since you been away, I been thinking of you (X8)
I done called a hunnid times she ain't hit me back, man that pussy too good, to let it go like that, see you could call me what you want, ima sucker for her, every time I think bout her, I just want her more, bae even got me riding to the liquor store, I done down one fifth, I need a little more, she done blocked me on the gram, so I can't see her pictures, and the liquor got me thinking that she with her another nigga, on the last bit of weed getting super high, reminiscing on the time it was you and I, I know you probably like god why me, every nigga that I like just be trying me, I guess the dog ass niggas got the best sex, bae got me in the mall bout to cut a check, pick up the phone baby, come on home baby, it's been rough since you left
Since you been away, I been thinking of you (X4)
I wanna pull up to your momma house, but me and your momma we done fell out, I see your car parked in the yard, you at the crib but all the lights off, I wanna knock on the door, but I already know cause me and you we done been here yet once before, baby I'm sorry I apologize that I done broke your heart for the third time, I know it seems like I never changed, cause every time you take me back, I do the same thing, I'm playing with your heart same games, every night I'm in the club with the same games, fucking with the same old bitches same old niggas, I guess I gotta learn the hard way, the hard way
Since you been away, I been thinking of you (X4)

Ice billion berg
It's done been a couple of weeks shorty, I'm even losing sleeping baby, ian even tell my homies ian tryna seem weak for you, I keep chasing and you keep running, I even heard you got a friend but baby tell me something, who was there when you needed loving, who surprised you with the keys too something, I been getting way too high of pussy weed and money, but that's the Miami shit, the city keep it coming, players fuck up too baby be easy on me, I know you tried to warn me but I just kept sleeping you, now you got me feening for you, but let me tell you something, you won't find another that's gone love you like I do and understand you like a brother, have yo ass speaking spanish when I fuck you, thinking bout it got me, man you ok some fuck shit, I hope that you a greezy fan, cause I hope this reach, but knowing you, you hear everytime the boy speaking
Since you been away, I been thinking of you (X4)

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