Alex Wiley Suck It Revolution Lyrics

Suck It Revolution by Alex Wiley

[Produced by Peter Cottontale]
[Trumpet by Will Miller]

[Hook: Alex Wiley]
Oooo, take a step into the light
Take a look up in the mirror
And take control over your life (life)
We got the power in our hands
We can do whatever we want
So why don't you get your shit together
And try to turn it into something (something)

[Verse 1: Alex Wiley]
I got niggas thats' in Harvard
I got niggas in the pen
Got niggas resting in peace, I will never see again
I know niggas that get robbed
I know niggas out here robbing
I know niggas thats' been shot, and I know niggas with the chopper
I know bitches thats' going to end up sucking dick just to survive
And I know bitches thats' going to end up rich as shit, living the life
And I know niggas thats' going to swag and end up going to the league
And I know niggas thats' going to jag and end up bagging groceries
Then there's me
Pinch of Swayze, little bit of fuckboy, pinch of lazy
Little bit of genius, a pinch of crazy
Niggas got to pay me, and I got to save it
No time for faking, no time for fun
Tried the patience, that shit is done
Kind of real and it's kind of fake
But I need a Mil ain't no time to wait
I been waiting, waiting, waiting, been waiting too long (waiting, waiting, waiting too long) (2x)
Suck it

[Hook: Alex Wiley]

Trumpet Solo

[Hook: Alex Wiley]

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