Blutengel Born Again Lyrics

Born Again by Blutengel

There is no love in your life
There is no hope inside your mind
You feel so lost in this world
No one there to care for you

What can I do, what can I say?
Is there are reason for you to stay?

Day and night I will pray for your soul
I hope you find your peace in death
You have noch chance to make it here
I hope that god will care for you
If god´s a nice guy,
Maybe he will give you a second chance
And maybe I´m still waiting here,
Until you´re born again

You are wishing for a change,
Cause you can´t stand this agony
You put this gun against your head,
You pull the trigger and now you´re dead
Is this what you´re longing for?
Does it feel better than before?

I´m feeling free
And I know this is the way for me
I´m on my way to paradise,
I leave this world of hate and lies

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