Benjackson Troy Black And White Lyrics

Black And White by Benjackson Troy

Verse : Driving through the city doing shit that's weird.
Pulling over yeah I'm balling out instead....
Got a lot here going on up in my head ..
Got so complicated, thank God I'm not dead.
I'm like a king and the boss in this city.
I made the crowd going wild flowing with me ..
And now we Dont do no...we Dont do no shit.
We'd see some this shit too often, yeah u know it right.
Pre-hook: And now I'm balling out on a Monday.
Working hard and I'm tripping, I did on Tuesday.
I'm going out with the women, I did on Wednesday..
Getting hard and let's party through the weekend . yeah
And now its throwback, its throwback Thursday.
I made it freaky, yeah freaky like freaky Friday .
Feeling fly..throw a party on a Saturday....
And we gon party through the weekend .
Hook :it's black and white, i'mma paint it black and white. (4times)
Its black and white, i'mma paint it black and white (4 times)

Rap: I just have a question for u ....
What u gonna do if you ain't got no plan and no vision for you ?
Slowly losing focus and you falling back to the square because that's still an issue for you.
You just wanna get it,right?
Gotta work and then push it for you.
Gotta work ain't no pleasure for you cuz it aims like "just a mission for you".
I guess that scenario for you, gotta fall at times and then bounce back, that's it for u ..
Cuz u know u gotta work and it means "survival" for you .
Cuz u only got yourself and no one's gonna give it to u, give in to u...
And all u gotta do is balance, all u gotta do is get to balance for you.

Hook : it's black and white, i'mma paint it black and white.(4times)


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